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LAS VEGAS Condos For Sale

LAS VEGAS Condos Condos For Sale
Whether you know it as "Sin city", or "The Entertainment Capital of the World", Las Vegas is most likely a city you are quite aware of. What you may not know, though, is that Las Vegas is also a great place to live and work (and not just play).

Las Vegas, the most populated city in Nevada, has something for every home buyer. The majority of Las Vegas condos consist of medium sized communities that sport a pool, spa, clubhouse, fitness center, and even a tennis or basketball court. On the higher price end, you can find a high-rise condominium featuring the latter plus extras, like valet and maid services, and incredible views. The city is known for two different types of high rise condos: residential, for long term living arrangements, and condo hotels, which can be used for short term rentals.

Las Vegas averages 310 days of sunlight a year, which is great because the recreational activities in the city are plentiful. The city has an incredible parks and recreation program, and some of the world's best golf courses. It also has some of the best nightlife in the country. People everywhere associate Las Vegas with fine food, shows, parties, and gaming.

Taxes are a huge incentive for living in Las Vegas. Instead of requiring an income tax on individuals, the city's multi-million dollar producing casinos are handling the tax load. Business have some favored tax treatment as well.

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More Reasons to Live on the Las Vegas Strip
Live on the Strip where there is never a dull moment.    

LAS VEGAS Categories

Las Vegas Condos on the Strip
Live in the middle of the action in a condo on the Las Vegas strip.

Las Vegas Lofts For Sale
Though Vegas doesn't have the historic loft buildings, it has some newer loft buildings that will scratch the loft itch.

Las Vegas Luxury Condos
From 10,000+ sqft penthouses on the Strip, to executive condos at the desert's edge, Las Vegas' luxury condos don't just offer a great place to live, but also a sophisticated lifestyle.

Las Vegas High Rise Condos
Get great views and superb amenities in these high rise condos in Las Vegas.

New Construction Condos in Las Vegas
Here are condo and townhome developments that have never-lived-in units or are built recently.

Las Vegas Townhomes
If you want a little more space, try a Las Vegas Townhome.

Las Vegas Condo Hotels
Live in a hotel! Condo-tels are part condo, part hotel, allowing you the advantages of both.

Las Vegas Golf Condos
Whether its a golf view or just being near a golf course you want, check outthese Las Vegas golf condos and townhomes.

Sustainable living, meet easy care with these Mountains Edge condos and townhomes for sale. This master planned community sits on the edge of the desert in Southwest Las Vegas, with hundreds of acres of parks and trail systems.

Enjoy a close-in gated golf community at Spanish Trail. Spanish Trail condos are mostly the townhome style, and many have great views of the golf course, lakes and lagoons.

Browse by LAS VEGAS Area

Browse active condo listings in DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS

22 Listings
$120,000 to $849,900

Featured Communities

Browse active condo listings in TRUMP TOWERS

37 Listings
$229,900 to $2,850,000

Browse active condo listings in CITYCENTER

35 Listings
$299,000 to $5,500,000

Browse active condo listings in RESIDENCES AT THE MGM GRAND

33 Listings
$289,999 to $799,888

Browse active condo listings in SUN CITY LAS VEGAS

13 Listings
$325,000 to $480,000

Browse active condo listings in PALMS PLACE

13 Listings
$267,000 to $525,000

Browse active condo listings in PANORAMA TOWERS

13 Listings
$375,000 to $15,000,000

Browse LAS VEGAS Condos For Sale by Community

CommunityActive ListingsPrice Range
AFFINITY3 Listings Priced from: $492,000 to $590,000
ALLURE4 Listings Priced from: $319,000 to $580,000
AMBER HILLS1 Listing Priced at $255,000
AMERICAN VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $180,000
ANGEL POINT1 Listing Priced at $212,000
APACHE HILLS1 Listing Priced at $275,000
APACHE SPRINGSNo Active Listings
ARBORS1 Listing Priced at $249,900
ARBY1 Listing Priced at $250,000
ARDEN PLACE1 Listing Priced at $217,000
ATRIUM GARDENS1 Listing Priced at $194,999
AURORA HIGHLANDS1 Listing Priced at $321,990
BAYCLIFF CREEKS1 Listing Priced at $224,900
BEACON HILL AT MOUNTAINS EDGE1 Listing Priced at $430,000
BERMUDA AND PYLE TOWNHOMES1 Listing Priced at $374,900
BERMUDA SERENE1 Listing Priced at $325,000
BLACKHORSENo Active Listings
BOCA RATON3 Listings Priced from: $225,000 to $469,900
BORDEAUX2 Listings Priced from: $198,000 to $210,000
BORGATANo Active Listings
BRAEWOOD HERITAGE1 Listing Priced at $360,000
BRAVA2 Listings Priced from: $269,000 to $275,000
BROADSTONE1 Listing Priced at $185,000
BUENA VISTA2 Listings Priced from: $369,900 to $425,000
CAMBRIANo Active Listings
CANYON WILLOW EAST1 Listing Priced at $240,000
CAPISTRANO VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $229,000
CASA MESA VILLAS1 Listing Priced at $230,000
CASA VEGAS4 Listings Priced from: $116,000 to $145,000
CATALINA SHORES AT WEST FLAMINGO1 Listing Priced at $214,900
CENTURY GARDEN1 Listing Priced at $199,900
CHALET VEGAS1 Listing Priced at $79,900
CHARLESTON HEIGHTS6 Listings Priced from: $149,900 to $189,999
CHARLESTON VILLAGE GREEN1 Listing Priced at $230,000
CHATEAU BORDEAUX1 Listing Priced at $219,900
CHATEAU NOUVEAU1 Listing Priced at $345,000
CHATEAU VERSAILLES1 Listing Priced at $320,000
CHEYENNE RIDGE1 Listing Priced at $320,000
CIMARRON HILLS1 Listing Priced at $325,000
CIMARRON RIDGENo Active Listings
CIMARRON WEST1 Listing Priced at $237,000
CITYCENTER35 Listings Priced from: $299,000 to $5,500,000
CLIFFS AT DOVER2 Listings Priced from: $272,000 to $278,500
CORTE MADERA1 Listing Priced at $215,000
DAKOTA2 Listings Priced from: $329,900 to $425,000
DESERT SANDS VILLAS1 Listing Priced at $211,000
DIAMOND HEAD VILLAS1 Listing Priced at $168,000
DURANGO TRAILS TOWNHOMES1 Listing Priced at $299,900
EASTERN AVENUE LOFTS5 Listings Priced from: $479,900 to $479,900
ECHO BAY1 Listing Priced at $200,000
EL PARQUE1 Listing Priced at $190,000
FAIRWAY HILLS IN THE RIDGES1 Listing Priced at $1,450,000
FIESTA1 Listing Priced at $258,000
FIRST LIGHT AT ARLINGTON RANCH3 Listings Priced from: $320,000 to $340,000
FLAMINGO PALMS VILLAS2 Listings Priced from: $199,900 to $346,900
FLAMINGO RIDGE1 Listing Priced at $210,000
FOREST HILLS1 Listing Priced at $380,000
GARDEN PARK2 Listings Priced from: $289,900 to $355,000
GARDEN TERRACE1 Listing Priced at $431,000
GARDENS AT SPANISH TRAIL1 Listing Priced at $615,000
GLENVIEW1 Listing Priced at $150,000
GOWAN CLIFF SHADOWS2 Listings Priced from: $265,000 to $270,000
GREENBRIAR4 Listings Priced from: $169,995 to $225,000
GREENTREE1 Listing Priced at $305,000
GREENWOOD1 Listing Priced at $230,000
HERITAGE SQUARE1 Listing Priced at $279,900
HERITAGE SQUARE SOUTH1 Listing Priced at $290,000
HIGH NOON AT ELKHORN RANCH1 Listing Priced at $320,000
HIGHGATE1 Listing Priced at $179,000
INDIAN WELLS1 Listing Priced at $230,000
INFINITY PALMS1 Listing Priced at $169,900
ISLANDS AT SPANISH TRAIL2 Listings Priced from: $459,900 to $599,999
JUHL LOFTS7 Listings Priced from: $230,000 to $419,900
KEYS CONDO1 Listing Priced at $150,000
LA POSADA AT SUMMERLIN1 Listing Priced at $190,000
LAGUNA SHORES1 Listing Priced at $180,000
LAKESIDE VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $332,000
LAMPLIGHT VILLAGE AT STEPHANIE1 Listing Priced at $414,900
LAQUINTA2 Listings Priced from: $280,000 to $280,000
LAREDO COURT1 Listing Priced at $289,999
LAS BRISAS1 Listing Priced at $179,900
LAS HADAS TOWNHOMES1 Listing Priced at $275,000
LAS VEGAS COUNTRY CLUB3 Listings Priced from: $297,000 to $449,900
LATIGO1 Listing Priced at $234,999
LEGENDS WEST1 Listing Priced at $265,000
LOFT 51 Listing Priced at $525,000
LONE MOUNTAINNo Active Listings
LOS PRADOS2 Listings Priced from: $309,900 to $349,900
LOS VERDES2 Listings Priced from: $259,900 to $259,999
MANHATTAN6 Listings Priced from: $249,999 to $360,000
MAR A LAGO2 Listings Priced from: $209,000 to $260,000
MARIE ANTOINETTE4 Listings Priced from: $349,900 to $419,000
MERIDIAN2 Listings Priced from: $326,888 to $345,000
METROPOLIS2 Listings Priced from: $650,000 to $985,000
MIRA VILLA5 Listings Priced from: $725,000 to $974,900
MISSION RIDGE VILLAGE2 Listings Priced from: $150,000 to $185,000
MONTAGNE MARRON1 Listing Priced at $369,990
Monterey5 Listings Priced from: $170,000 to $274,900
MONTEREY GRAND MANOR3 Listings Priced from: $169,900 to $179,900
MOUNTAIN CREEK2 Listings Priced from: $199,000 to $249,900
MOUNTAINSIDE1 Listing Priced at $144,900
NEVADA RANCHNo Active Listings
NEWPORT LOFTSNo Active Listings
NORTHPOINTE1 Listing Priced at $250,000
ONE LAS VEGAS10 Listings Priced from: $345,000 to $1,188,000
ONE QUEENSRIDGE PLACE12 Listings Priced from: $775,000 to $3,100,000
PACIFIC HARBORS2 Listings Priced from: $165,000 to $210,000
PACIFIC HARBORS AT THE LAKES1 Listing Priced at $235,000
PACIFIC LEGENDS EAST3 Listings Priced from: $195,000 to $210,000
PALMS PLACE13 Listings Priced from: $267,000 to $525,000
PANORAMA TOWERS13 Listings Priced from: $375,000 to $15,000,000
PARADISE SPA2 Listings Priced from: $170,000 to $170,000
PARADISE VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $195,000
PARADISO1 Listing Priced at $360,000
PARDEE TROPICANA VILLAS1 Listing Priced at $258,000
PARK AVENUE7 Listings Priced from: $225,000 to $299,800
PARK HOUSE1 Listing Priced at $360,000
PARK RIDGE1 Listing Priced at $110,000
PARK TOWERS4 Listings Priced from: $1,069,000 to $3,950,000
PARK VILLAGE TOWNHOMES1 Listing Priced at $124,900
PARK VILLAS1 Listing Priced at $294,900
PASEO DEL REY1 Listing Priced at $249,000
PINEHURSTNo Active Listings
PLATINUM2 Listings Priced from: $204,900 to $699,999
PLEASANT HILLS1 Listing Priced at $155,000
QUAIL ESTATES WEST2 Listings Priced from: $220,000 to $270,000
RANCHO SIERRA2 Listings Priced from: $170,000 to $183,000
RANCHO VIEJO2 Listings Priced from: $249,000 to $299,999
RED BLUFFS AT THE CROSSING1 Listing Priced at $280,000
RED HILLS AT THE PUEBLO2 Listings Priced from: $290,000 to $305,000
REGENCY TOWERS8 Listings Priced from: $199,000 to $685,000
REGENT AT TOWN CENTER2 Listings Priced from: $180,000 to $265,000
RESIDENCES AT THE MGM GRAND33 Listings Priced from: $289,999 to $799,888
RICHMOND PARK1 Listing Priced at $209,900
ROCK SPRINGS VISTA7 Listings Priced from: $205,000 to $295,000
ROYAL CREST ARMS6 Listings Priced from: $95,000 to $170,000
ROYAL CREST CIRCLE3 Listings Priced from: $184,900 to $211,000
SAGE HILLS AT THE SUMMERLIN1 Listing Priced at $459,900
SANTA ROSA1 Listing Priced at $499,999
SAVALLI1 Listing Priced at $164,900
SEDONA ON THE BOULEVARD2 Listings Priced from: $250,000 to $310,000
SEVILLA2 Listings Priced from: $142,000 to $142,000
SILVER CANYON1 Listing Priced at $190,888
SILVERADO1 Listing Priced at $259,000
SILVERADO VILLAS3 Listings Priced from: $128,000 to $179,999
SILVERSTONE RANCH2 Listings Priced from: $365,000 to $375,000
SKY LAS VEGAS5 Listings Priced from: $438,971 to $5,995,000
SMOKE RANCH VILLAS1 Listing Priced at $285,000
SOHO LOFTS2 Listings Priced from: $458,000 to $2,900,000
SOUTHPARK1 Listing Priced at $280,000
SOUVENIR HOMES3 Listings Priced from: $254,900 to $299,900
SPANISH PALMS1 Listing Priced at $295,000
SPRING OAKS3 Listings Priced from: $190,000 to $229,900
SPRING OAKS VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $350,000
SPRINGPOINTE2 Listings Priced from: $149,000 to $149,900
ST JAMES PLACE1 Listing Priced at $210,000
STARFIRE3 Listings Priced from: $255,000 to $299,888
STONE RIDGE2 Listings Priced from: $305,000 to $345,000
SUMMERLIN VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $450,000
SUMMERTRAIL SUMMERLIN VILLAGE2 Listings Priced from: $430,000 to $469,000
SUN CITY LAS VEGAS13 Listings Priced from: $325,000 to $480,000
SUN CITY SUMMERLIN2 Listings Priced from: $319,500 to $369,000
SUNSET CLIFFSNo Active Listings
TERRACES IN THE HILLS AT SUMMERLIN2 Listings Priced from: $395,000 to $515,000
TERRASANTA1 Listing Priced at $149,950
THE COVES1 Listing Priced at $299,990
THE CROSSING AT SUMMERLIN1 Listing Priced at $480,000
THE MARTIN2 Listings Priced from: $2,550,000 to $10,000,000
THE OGDEN12 Listings Priced from: $299,000 to $849,900
TRAILS1 Listing Priced at $215,000
TRILOGY AT SUMMERLIN SOUTH2 Listings Priced from: $770,000 to $859,900
TRILOGY AT TOWN CENTER1 Listing Priced at $254,900
TRILOGY AT WARM SPRINGS1 Listing Priced at $399,999
TROPICAL VILLAS EAST1 Listing Priced at $162,900
TROPICANA VILLAS1 Listing Priced at $189,900
TRUMP TOWERS37 Listings Priced from: $229,900 to $2,850,000

Latest Listings For Sale in LAS VEGAS

MLS #: Address Zip BedsBaths List Price Community
2366605 6201 EAST LAKE MEAD BOULEVARD 156 89156 22 $162,900 TROPICAL VILLAS EAST
2366594 5201 SOUTH TORREY PINES DRIVE 1235 89118 23 $350,000 SPRING OAKS VILLAGE
2366589 3151 SOARING GULLS DRIVE 2159 89128 11 $185,000 BROADSTONE
2366584 5713 SMOKE RANCH ROAD A 89108 11 $149,900 CHARLESTON HEIGHTS
2366577 700 WHEAT RIDGE LANE 103 89145 22 $275,000 BRAVA
2366565 10550 WEST ALEXANDER ROAD 1024 89129 22 $320,000 CHATEAU VERSAILLES
2366549 560 OAKBROOK LANE 89169 33 $230,000 GREENWOOD
2366495 2000 NORTH FASHION SHOW DRIVE 2204 89109 01 $255,000 TRUMP TOWERS
2366442 120 LOS CABOS DRIVE 301 89144 23 $948,995 MIRA VILLA
2366437 4063 VILLAGE SQUARE 89121 12 $180,000 AMERICAN VILLAGE
2366418 10193 QUILT TREE STREET 89183 23 $374,900 BERMUDA AND PYLE TOWNHOMES
2366355 2877 PARADISE ROAD 1403 89109 23 $799,000 TURNBERRY PLACE
2366353 4381 FLAMINGO ROAD 3008 89103 01 $280,000 PALMS PLACE
2366311 3354 INDIAN SHADOW STREET 101 89129 22 $265,000 GOWAN CLIFF SHADOWS
2366308 2995 EAST SUNSET ROAD 235 89120 32 $245,000
2366290 10369 PESCADO LANE 89135 33 $585,000 VISTA DULCE
2366289 9280 DAMES ROCKET PLACE 89148 23 $435,000
2366282 8952 SANDY ISLE COURT 89131 22 $365,000 SILVERSTONE RANCH
2366277 5825 SMOKE RANCH ROAD B 89108 21 $158,000 CHARLESTON HEIGHTS
2366258 11258 ESSENCE POINT AVENUE 206 89135 23 $492,000 AFFINITY
2366254 4360 SANDERLING CIRCLE 58 89103 22 $229,900 SPRING OAKS
2366213 9664 GUNBELT DRIVE 89123 23 $325,000 BERMUDA SERENE
2366138 664 TAM O SHANTER 89109 22 $449,900 LAS VEGAS COUNTRY CLUB
2366101 1325 DEL MAR STREET 101 89119 22 $180,724
2366080 5425 COMCHEC WAY 101 89108 22 $285,000 SMOKE RANCH VILLAS

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